At Kindness and Co we believe with a passion that truth, honesty and integrity should be the driving factors in all that we do. We aim to become an employee owned company where our employees will all benefit through being partners in the business. We respect the environment and hate waste aiming to use local suppliers wherever possible. Our intention is create a better future for everyone through our daily enterprises and charitable work.
Kindness and Co has established its first outlet in the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham in the heart of the Cotswolds. We intend to expand and be an employee owned company where all the employees are partners in the business with their shares held in trust. The company’s ultimate purpose is the well being and happiness of the Partners and to serve the local and global community.
The main objective of the partnership is to generate sufficient profit to facilitate expansion while providing yearly bonus payments to the staff. In addition we aim to help those less fortunate than ourselves by financing the building of schools in Third World Countries. It is our belief that through education the lives of thousands of children will be transformed.

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Our partners have a shared passion for the company’s principles. To us success is providing fun, gainful employment and a common purpose to our highly valued staff. We are open and transparent with our employees having a voice in how the company operates. The well being and happiness of our partners is our primary concern so that they are always able to provide flawless service for all our customers.


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We support Plan International through our charitable donations. Plan are an international organisation which works in 51 countries to promote the safeguarding of children. It is a nonprofit organisation working in 58,000 communities with 600,000 volunteers to improve the lives 56 million children. Our first project of rebuilding a school and providing the local community with a fresh water supply in Zimbabwe was completed in December 2016 and we continue to support Plan through monthly donations.
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At Kindness and Co we carefully choose our suppliers on the grounds of corporate responsibility and sustainability. We are particularly proud to stock One Water – Through donating their profits for over 10 years they have raised over £13M and transformed over three million lives along the way through the provision of fresh water.