What we do, why we do it and what’s in it for you


At Kindness & Co we are all A Players. None of us get up in the morning to be mediocre. We love life and all it has to offer and we believe that every individual and every organisation should have a sense of purpose. We all create the life we live through the choices we make every moment of every day. So its vitally important to focus on making the right choices to create a better future.
As we all have the ability to choose what we think about and ignore what we shouldn’t the only way to change your circumstances and your life is to change your thoughts. We live in a world plagued by obesity, where businesses are founded on selfishness and greed, disparity in pay and where millions of people the world over lack the basic needs of food, water and education.
This can be remedied, none of us are helpless. We only need to change our focus. At Kindness & Co we believe in changing the status quo.


We Make deliciously nutritious food

We are the alternative to many of the current food outlets on the high street that provide food high in calories and low in nutrition. Our aim is to help you live a healthier, happier life so you can be all that you can be.


We Are writing our own story

We believe that being in business doesn’t mean it has to be a dog eat dog world. We believe that truth, honesty and integrity are the way forward. We believe you can be in business and be kind. We are proud to work with many suppliers with the same ethos; all working together to make today and tomorrow better for everyone.

Kindness & Co - Our Suppliers

We Are creating our own economy

We are tired of waiting for the government to do something for the “just about managing”. Our intention is to become employee owned, where the staff will all be Partners with their shares held in trust. All our staff have a say in the running of the company and a share in the profits. This gives you have the power to make a change simply by buying your daily coffee at Kindness & Co.


We Give so others benefit

We believe that we have had this wonderful opportunity at Kindness & Co because we are well fed and educated. Through our Pay It Forward scheme we support Ethiopiaid so that street children can also eat and be educated. We also provide meals to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves in our local community. If you want you can help share the wealth by Paying It Forward and provide something to eat or drink for a stranger.

Be The Change

We Believe in change

There are seven billion people in the world today. If each one of us made one positive change today imagine how wonderful the world would be! Join us, do something, do anything positive or constructive. Be The Change! Even if all that you do is eat and drink at Kindness & Co the world will be a better place.